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The Benfleet Veterinary Surgery Team

Benfleet Vet - Loges


Loges was qualified in 1988 from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka and moved to Britain after a brief tenure at the department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Surgery of University of Peradeniya. He became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1996 and have worked at several veterinary practices in the UK before establishing his own surgery - Benfleet Veterinary Surgery in March 2005.

He obtained further training in Laparoscopy and Rigid Endoscopy from the University of Georgia, USA . His interests include all aspects of medicine and surgery in small animals with special interest in both Laparoscopic and Orthopaedic procedures.

Benfleet Vet - Jackie


Qualified nurse working part-time with over 20 years experience gained in various surgeries.

Benfleet Vet - Donna


Full-time nurse with over five years experience gained at the Benfleet Veterinary Surgery.

Benfleet Vet - Amie


Part-time nurse currently studying for a degree in Veterinary Nursing with the Royal Veterinary College.

Benfleet Vet - Melanie


Part-time qualified nurse with over ten years working experience gained in various veterinary practices.